Issue #176 September 2007

Issue #176 September 2007

Gaming - Warner Bros. Interactive unloads "Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal". Feature - Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, Al Jean and company talk bout getting Springfield's infamous toon family ready for their movie close-up. Siggraph Special - Creating the smart reptiles of BBC/Discoer Channel's "DinoSapien" was a job suited for highly evolved CG artists; Alexander Lentje gives us the skinny on Stereoscopic 3-D; Filmakademie's Leszek Plichta talks about "Dreammaker", his award-winning SIGGRAPH short. Television - Nick Jr.'s new preschool show "Yo Gabba Gabba!" features goofy monsters, catchy songs, psychedelic toons and some very cool indie bands. VFX - Crafting Harry Potter's new friends and foes; VFX supervisor Peter Chiang lets us in on how he and his team delivered the 820 shots for the new fantasy feature, "Stardust".


Animation Magazine Volume 21, Issue 9, #176

The E3 Wrap; Siggraph ’07 offers a killer compendium of up-to-the-minute CG technologies and all their eye-popping applications in teh entertainment field; Special Collector’s 20th Anniversary Poster – many of your favorite animated characters are featured in this exclusive commemorative poster.