Issue #173 June 2007

Issue #173 June 2007

Feature - Thanks to solid work by the animation pros at PDI/DreamWorks, the third outing for Shrek and friends offers lots of state-of-the-art eye candy. Home Entertainment - Our panel of top DVD execs talk about their hits and misses and what to expect in the coming months. Television - "The Simpsons" pays homage to "24" and "Good Night and Good Luck" in two milestone episodes this month. VFX - ILM’s Hal Hickel chats about the joys and trials of creating CG effects for the third chapter in "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise; With two complicated new villains and numerous plot twists, vfx supervisor Scott Stokdyk and company upped the ante for Spider-Man’s third big-screen dazzler.


Animation Magazine Volume 21, Issue 6, #173

Special Report: Rising Stars of Animation and VFX: Class of 2007