Issue #169 February 2007

Issue #169 February 2007

Features - A Far-From-Grim Fairy Tale. After several years of development and a shift from 2D to CG, "Happily N’Ever After" finally makes its big-screen splash. Television - Gonzo, FUNimation and Spike TV carve out a new mythology with "Afro Samurai"; He’s No Danny Bonaduce! David Fine and Alison Snowden’s new animated show "Ricky Sprocket-Showbiz Boy" centers on a Hollywood first— a child actor who is also a normal, well-adjusted kid; Find out about "Colin the Invincible" and "Tales of Greenery", two new toons heating up the Korean scene. VFX - Master Jim Rygiel reveals the secrets of making the CG creatures of "Night at the Museum"; A look at the seven films which made the Academy's visual effects shortlist.


Animation Magazine Volume 21, Issue 2, #169

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