Issue #162 July 2006

Issue #162 July 2006

Gaming - Activision takes "Over the Hedge" to the edge. Features - A look under the hood of "Cars", the big shiny summer release from John Lasseter and his CG mechanics at Pixar. French director Christina Volckman hopes to change the way the world views adult animation with "Renaissance". Shorts - Roger Allers' "The Little Matchgirl" premieres at Annecy. TV - Jim Jinkins, creator of "Pinky Dinky Doo", talks about future plans for "Doug". VFX - Mark Stetson shares a few vfx secrets about the making of "Superman Returns".


Animation Magazine, Volume 20, Issue 7, #162

The 30th edition of the Annecy Festival offers a remarkable cross-section of animated works from around the world.