Issue #159 April 2006

Issue #159 April 2006

Gaming - A look at animation trends in gaming; Art Institute of Calif.–Los Angeles opens the Game Center. Feature - Second Mammoth Undertaking - Fox/Blue Sky's "Ice Age 2: The Meltdown"; Europe's animated feature scene is alive and kicking at Cartoon Movie; "Negadon" brings CG to the classic Japanese monster movie. Television - A cultural give and take between Asian and Western traditions; Three musically minded animals are the stars in Nick Jr.'s "The Wonder Pets". VFX - The big-screen adaptation of "V for Vendetta"; Weta Digital's VFX experts recreate the environmental shots of Skull Island for "King Kong". Opportunities - Toon biz veteran Fred Crippen offers advice on how to create the right cartoon scripts.


Animation Magazine Volume 20, Issue 4, #159

West Meets East: Thoughts on American and the new anime wave.