Issue #142 November 2004

Issue #142 November 2004

Fintastic Voyage: Shark Tale, DreamWorks Animation;s second big feature release of 2004, may have the making of a big holiday hit, but will it be able to beat the stellar record of Shrek and Shrek 2? The art of The Incredibles. The Big Green Guy Is Back! Re-Assembling Robotech. The World According to Todd. Ten Simple Rules for Setting Up Co-Production Deals. Meet Astro Boy's American Cousins. Rules of the Game. Playing with Political Puppets. Top Fall Classes.


Volume 18, Issue 11, #142, November 2004

Story #1:
DreamWork’s Shark Tale Swims with the Fishes!
Story #2:
MIPCOM’s Creme de la Creme
Story #3:
The art of The Incredibles