Issue #123 April 2003

Issue #123 April 2003

Mature Content Moves to Mainstream: Triad of hot New TNN toons - The New Ren & Stimpy, Stripperella and Gary the Rat - aims to gratify grown-up tastes. April Animation Planner. Once Upon a time in Silicon Valley: A look at how videogame animators became storytellers and what happens next. Looking through MIP-TV's Crystal Ball. British Tube Scene Feels Stretched and Squashed. Hungarian Rhapsodist. State of the Art: A Swinging Time. Summertime Animation Immersion.


Volume 17, Issue 3, #123, April 2003

Story #1:
Ren & Stimpy Take A Bite Out Of TNN
Story #2:
War And Consequence At MIP-TV
Story #3:
Brave, New Game Plans