Issue #115 July 2002

Issue #115 July 2002

Radium and Lincoln Park are "Points of Authority". Animating for a Better World: On the Road with Joan Vogelesang. Cycling Through Concepts: Syd Mead Revisits Tron. Possibly Perfect: Retro Styling for Disney's Kim Possible. Creating Grace: Baginski Animates The Cathedral. Stuart Little 2: Birds of a Feather. The Future of CG: Espresso-Equipped Workstations, Software Implants & Dead Animators - Oh My! 3D Education @ SIGGRAPH


Volume 16, Issue 7, #115, July 2002

Story #1:
Master Yoda Says: ‘The Future Of CG Is Within You, It Is…’
Story #2:
Girly Power: The Powerpuff Girls Go Long
Story #3:
3D TV Production: Will It Kill You?