Issue #106 October 2001

Issue #106 October 2001

Susanne Schosser Finds Forula to Success for Super RTL. Geroge Shrinks. MIPCOM 2001 Shoppers' Corner. International TV Season Preview. Creative Process: Sitting Ducks. Q&A with Anthony Temple, 4BKN Consumer Products. Licensing Spotlight: SpongeBob Squarepants. Barbie's CG Transition to the Movies is a Nutcracker Natural. Walking Life Frees Animators with User-Friendly Software and Indie Approach. DVD Spotlight: Akira Returns with Digital Assist. What Kicked Butt at SIGGRAPH 2011. Curious Pictures Puts Best Foot Forward in Chick Walker.


Volume 15, Issue 10, #106, October 2001

Story #1:
Power Performers: Super RTL & Susanne Schosser
Story #2:
What’s Hot in New International TV Shows
Story #3:
Barbie’s CG Transition to the Movies