Graphiti Offers Pro Toon Training in India

With so much animation being created in India these days, Graphiti School of Animation has launched a one-year professional training course to help meet the demand for qualified and talented artists. Headed by Indian animation legend Ram Mohan, the program joins a number of courses for both beginners and working pros, with an emphasis on understanding film production using animation technology.

The new course is dubbed G-CAT Pro, which stands for Graphiti Certificate of Animation ‘ Professional. Now open for admissions, the 10-month intensive curriculum includes a production phase, where students make a film of their own. Throughout the course, they will interact with Indian and international industry professionals from studios, broadcast outlets and other media channels.

To be eligible for the course, a student should have cleared HSC or equivalent exams and taken part in an aptitude counseling session. For more information, go to To see student work from the school, go to