Deadline Near for Art Department Animation Classes


The deadline is Feb. 7 for registering for animation courses at The Art Department, an online school with brick and mortar locations across the United States.

TAD is offering four animation classes this semester, each taught by leading professionals in the animation industry and designed to help students confidently enter the animation industry with a strong portfolio and body of work.

The classes are:

Principles of Animation
Instructor: Stephen Gregory, Animator at Pixar Animation Studios
Wednesdays: 8-11 p.m. CST
Class Description: This unique and in-depth class covers the full range of principles used in animation throughout history and in today’s 2D and 3D animation industry. This enlightening course provides the foundation required for understanding animation principles, and helps prepare students for understanding motion, physics, weight, stretch and squash, follow through, anticipation, staging, arcs, timing, secondary action, exaggeration, appeal and more. Learn more about the class here.

Character Design
Instructor: Dan Holland, Sketch Artist at Pixar Animation Studios
Thursdays: 11p.m.-2 a.m. CST
Class Description: This class seeks to help students understand design as it relates to character creation. We will delve into the heart of the problem of character design and learn to create beyond the superficial to shape original characters with unique appeal. Learn more about the class here.

Story I
Instructor: Sam Hood, Story Artist at Pixar Animation Studios
Mondays: 8-11 a.m. CST
Class Description: This class is to help students gain the skills needed to understand the concepts of what the day to day is for a storyboard artist in a feature film environment. Topics such as staging, composition, gags, 3-act story structure as well as many other concepts will be learned. Learn more about the class here.

Production Design
Instructor: Anthony Christov, Art Director at Pixar Animation Studios
Mondays: 9-midnight CST
Class Description: This class addresses design, composition, staging, and movement in 2D drawings for film. We will develop the ability to translate emotional and verbal ideas into strong visual images whose design is determined by story and character development. Learn more about the class here.

Sign up for classes here.

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