Question for the Week of August 26 2013

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck
If you were casting the next Batman, who would you pick?
Ben Affleck
John Hamm
Ryan Gosling
Josh Brolin
Harrison Ford

  • Alfred

    None of them.

  • Robin

    maybe Josh Brolin, but just maybe, I’m not sure…

  • R3V3NG3

    Josh Brolin out of all these guys!

  • Jamz

    If that is the list, I pick Jon Hamm.
    Could Bryan Cranston be a contender? Or Tom Hanks – lol – that guy can do anything :)

    • Selassie

      Lol Tom Hanks. I can kind of imagine that…”There’s a batarang in my boot!”

  • Oslow

    Who cares! As far as I’m concerned they have all been hacks from the start. When will they stop remaking the same Batman and Superman movies over and over.

  • Jim

    Josh Brolin.