Question for the Week of November 6 2012

Who would you vote to be the next president of Toon Town?
Mickey Mouse
Bugs Bunny
Homer Simpson
Cowboy Woody
Princess Merida
Other (Write your own pick)

  • Gevdarg

    Bugs Bunny…hands down.

  • Rwwt1560

    Stewie from family guy vice president would be Mickey Mouse what a combination

  • Gdeordio

    The Brain…maybe he will stop trying to take over the world. Than again….maybe not.

  • Italo Vassallo

    Elmer Fudd. Who wouwdn’t enjoy his pwesidentiaw speeches wif his twademawk accent.

  • ReddRaccoon

    Bugs Bunny. I like his position on gun control (“you’re gonna hurt someone with that old shotgun”), health care (“what’s up, doc?”) and taking personal responsibility (“ain’t I a stinker?”).

  • Sara Palacio

    Bugs Bunny

  • Bullwinkle

    No question the most righteous cartoon charter in existance Rocket J. Squirrel

  • Kaishi

    Simba, ’cause… well, he’s already a King… *-*
    And vicepresident… Moses, the Prince of Egypt xP
    (and yep, then is when the republic of Toon Town becomes a monarchy xD)

  • Ricklasse

    Foghorn Leghorn…or the mayor of Halloweentown.

  • David Glenn

    It’s Time for New Blood! My Vote is for Vanellope von Schweetz of Wreck it Ralph. Who can not love her? And No! I’m not from Disney!

  • Tavarense

    MOJO JOJO of course 

  • Newnaples30

    Gertie the dinosaur..she started it all….