Question for the Week of November 29 2012

What is the best American animated feature of the year?
Wreck-It Ralph
Rise of the Guardians
Madagascar 3
Hotel Transylvania

  • Italo Vassallo

    Wreck-It Ralph!

  • Emilymarie38

    ParaNorman by far.

  • facebook-1405479307

    Wreck-it Ralph for the win!

  • Laura Mansfield


  • Gabriel Modderman

    They were all good, but Sonya the bear makes Madagascar 3 the win for me.

  • RSchulz

    I vote BRAVE…..sorry….I’m a Pixar die-hard.

  • Blackboxdesigns78


  • Mike Maez-Côté

    Not seeing (or having any interest in) ParaNorman, I would say Wreck-It-Ralph was actually the best of these. Brave or Rise of the Guardians will likely win the Oscar, but I found both rather boring (Guardians was slightly better). Madagascar 3 would be my runner-up, but I doubt it will even get into the conversation.

  • Kasata_kasata

    I vote for Madagascar 3!

  • Sona05

    Wreck-it Ralph

  • Israelu

    As a Pixar guy going back to the late 80′s I want to go with Brave. And Brave is solidly in second place, but ParaNorman was mind-blowingly good. The first movie I’ve seen in years that I would rate 5 stars. Brave was quite good, but not genius, while the rest of the list was pure mediocrity.

  • Ricklasse


  • feywood

    Why is Frankenweenie not on the list??

  • Crescent_animation


  • Radonath

    I vote for Madagascar 3

  • Krrajkamal

    best animation movies of the year

  • yogesh singh

    This year none of animation flick deserve to won. they are rather boring or old useless message giving movie………

  • MirandaS