Question for the Week of May 9 2011

Several new animated series are joining the TV lineup this season. Which one are you most excited about?
The Amazing World of Gumball (CN)
Thundercats (CN)
Voltron Force (Nicktoons)
Ultimate Spider-Man (Disney XD)

  • thejdub

    I’m way excited about Thundercats. It was my show of choice when I was very young and I can’t wait to see some upgraded stories, animation and relive some nostalgia.

    • kenjikamura

      I am more excited about the Thundercats, I love the new look and now we finally get a background story. I just wish Warner Bros. would have finished the cgi movie. I am a huge Spiderman fan, in the last few years we have had so many retakes/remakes of his cartoon. I just think they should take him in a more mature direction and not the high school kiddy take. That’s the direction the cartoons always take. Can we get an adult spiderman in cartoon form manga style.

  • Lunar X.

    I’d have to go with Thundercats. I loved the Rankin/Bass series and (based off the trailer) the new one looks pretty good and true to the original.

  • JoeActor

    I’ve watched one “Gumball”, and will definitely be watching more. So far it’s pretty good, and I’m more of an “original” fan than “remake/reimagined/retooled” toons…