Question for the Week of March 3 2014

What are your expectations for DreamWorks Animation’s new feature, Mr. Peabody & Sherman?
A classic for all time.
Well worth your time.
Good but not great.
History will not be kind.
About as much fun as a science exam.

  • Marooned_on_Earth

    Science ROCKS!!!

  • Charlotte

    “Good but not great.”

  • Red786

    The CGI did not fit the characters very well in my opinion, since this was originally a TV show cartoon. Some of the characters, primarily Sherman had a somewhat cheesy, goofy look, which did not fit the original charter well.

  • Kat

    Good but not great. Love to see Dreamworks finally have more appeal human characters. As a visual storytelling medium, I feel there were waaay too much talking throughout the movie. (as annoyed as a kid, I supposed)