Question for the Week of March 26 2012


What is your take on longtime Disney animator Glen Keane’s departure from the studio?



  • Morgan Burt

    I think it’s an unfortunate loss, as he’s been so pivotal to the success many of Disney’s classic characters and films. I can’t help but feel that there’s a storm brewing within Walt Disney Animation and that this news doesn’t bode well for it’s future. And if that’s the case, I’d be terribly sad because I thought Disney had FINALLY picked itself back up and was ready to dominate animation again. 

    I guess the next 2-5 years will be very telling about how much Glen really contributed to the studio.

  • Victor Kong

    I think it’s fantastic. From what I’ve heard, Glen was very enthusiastic about leaving the studio and doing his own personal projects. Just cus he’s gone, doesn’t mean the studio will falter. It’s still got many of the old guys like Ruben Aquino, Mark Henn, Ron & John, etc., in addition to the host of people Glen trained on Tangled.

    I wish Glen and I wish the studio the best of luck in their endeavors, whatever they may be.

  • Santiago L

    Good for glen… i just missed his expressive 2d artwork… so maybe it´s a chance for experimentation. 10 years for tangled seems to much, right?

  • Ron Schulz

    To every thing there is a season…  I’m sure a lot of thought went into his decision and happiness and fullfillment remains in his future. Best of luck, Mr. Keane!

  • Rodrigo

    I think it’s a good thing. Of course Disney Studios lost a great artist, but the studio will remain on it’s feet! As for Glen Keane, it’s great that he’s enthusiastic about his own projects! Maybe we can expect great achievements for his ‘solo’ career! We will still have great stuff coming out of Disney Studios, and hopefully great stuff from the author, Disney Studios Master Animator, Glen Keane! Great!

  • Heber

    As near as I can determine, Glenn Keane was second only to Walt himself in terms of his artistic and creative contribution to all the animated features that the Disney studio produced.  Glenn Keane is truly a legacy in the animated entertainment industry in our own day and age. Bon chance mon ami!

  • GeorgieBoy

    Glen Keane is the Willy Wonka of Animation. I’m sure if he offered a few select spots for some one on one mentoring during summer with a random lottery sign up, people in this our artistic community would kill for that “Golden Ticket”. Here’s crossing our fingers, ey?