Question for the Week of March 19 2012


Andrew Stanton’s adaption of John Carter made $179 million at the box office worldwide during its first two weekends in theaters. Yet industry observers have been especially unkind to this science fiction epic, calling it “Ishar on Mars.” What is your take on the movie?


  • Mark Simon

    Overall I loved it. Yeah, I had a couple of issues with minor things (JC didn’t plunge through the bottom of the boat), but I loved the movie. Can’t wait to buy the DVD.

  • Andy

    I like the film a lot. Story did keep cutting back and forth a bit much, but overall this was a great start for both the planned trilogy and Andrew Stanton

  • Alouette1977

    I knew the basic story, but hadn’t read the books. I liked it the first time, and found I liked it even more the second time around, seeing even more details; it gains on repeat viewings, unlike Avatar. Hollywood and some critics are jumping the gun, labeling this a flop after just ten days of release. Especially since it’s doing huge business overseas. Reviews are mixed right now, but I think this will get looked at more favorably in time.

  • Marque Pierre Sondergaard

    In 3 letters: Wow!

    Slightly longer: I loved it. I watched it in IMAX 3D, and I want to watch it in a regular cinema as well.

    So many amazing images, such a great feel of adventure.

    I have 2 points of criticism: The 3D conversion was a little too aggresive for my taste. The beginning and end of the story were brilliant, but I think it lost the pace a bit in the middle. Also Andrew Stanton doesn’t seem to be able to write romance.

    Reading all the hype, I can’t understand most of it. I guess bad news sells, and so it seems a lot of people would love for this very ambitious movie to fall flat on its face.

    Make up your own mind: Go watch it, while you can!

  • Anim8r

    I loved the film. Thought it was very well done. I don’t understand all the negative hype. One review said it took ideas from Star Wars and Star Trek. When was this originally written again?

  • Basilreid217

      I thought the movie was impressive if one keeps an open mind and remembers that it is from the pulp era. I believe it’s one of the top movies of the year.

  • Tomatovisiontv

    I like movie I thought the action was good and the special effects. But the bad part was the story. As a reader of John Carter I found that I had to explain the film to my wife who was totally lost by the story. I think that the film should have been in three parts like LOTR that really explained John Carter’s life on Earth and the cultures on Mars that would have made the film better and richer. You just can do justice to a story like John Carter in a short 2 hour movie no matter what type of effects you put into the film.