Question for the Week of March 14 2011

Did you have a chance to check out Mars Needs Moms this past week? What is your take on the Zemeckis Performance Capture technology?
• I enjoyed the movie’s visuals.
• I think the movie should have been made in live-action.
• It made my eyes bleed.
• I hope they stop making mo-cap movies like this forever.

  • mickey

    i really wish they would give up on’s just awful to look at..if you can make a movie look and move as great at Despicable Me….what is the advantage to motion capture…it just makes no sense to me.

  •; Brentoons

    Won’t see it.
    Probably won’t even watch it when it comes out on dvd in a few weeks…..

  • Not a fan of Mocap

    Mocap (or Performance Capture) will just never measure up to what audiences look for in fully animated film. The oddness of all this for me is that each requires an intense amount of labor and you really don’t gain much with Mocap.

  • banban

    Please don t make confusion with motion capture and performance capture…

    Did you see Rango ?
    It a nice exemple of feature animation and performance capture.