Question for the Week of July 2 2012

This week, all eyes will be on Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man to see if it can outperform Marvel’s The Avengers. What is your favorite comic-book-based movie of 2012?
The Avengers
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Dark Knight Rises

  • Gevdarg

    It’s the Avengers, hands-down.  It’s a game-changer not only because it was the culmination of a mult-year strategy that reflected the comic book continuity so many people disparage, but it was just that good of a film.  Not a big fan of Marvel the company, but you’ve got to give credit where credit is due.  Gusty move, incredible commitment, and near-perfect pitch, all of which paid off in spades.

  • Brent Amacker

    THOROUGHLY enjoyed The Avengers, and I intend to see Amazing Spiderman and Dark Knight Rises.
    “Dredd” looks VERY intriguing, and more true-to-the-original than the Stallone debacle.

  • Thejdub

    I enjoyed the Avengers immensely however. I’m a DC guy at heart and can’t wait to see the new Batman flick. I am also VERY excited to see Judge Dredd’s return to the screen. I have very high hopes for this film.

  • guest


  • Milojthatch

    Avengers! Until Marvel gets the rights back to Spider-Man, those (new) films are dead to me.

  • Kaishi

    The Avengers, no doubt!!!