Question for the Week of July 11 2011


The full trailer for Spielberg’s motion-capture pic The Adventures of Tintin is out this week. What is your initial response to the holiday movie?

  • Big D

    I’m impressed so far…and I think the more stylized look of the characters might help work against some of the pitfalls of other mocap movies. Having said that though, the trailer seems to use close ups very sparingly and I have to wonder if that’s too avoid too much scrutiny prior to the film’s release.

  • Frustrated Director

    Tin-Tin is a really popular comic over in Europe. I don’t know what type of box office this is going to be for Spielberg. It should be vry popular overseas, but so many adults and children don’t know who Tin-Tin is, I don’t think the US Box Office will hit big.

    Spielberg’s studio should have spent a lot more advertising dollars and I’m not sure why he chose this cartoon series to make.

    I wish him luck, but I think it’s goign to be a bust. I hope I’m wrong. Every dollar a US Studio that loses money cancels the production of another film.