Question for the Week of January 24 2011


Which animated feature and short will win the Oscar this year? It’s your turn to vote!

Features Shorts
Toy Story 3 Day & Night
How to Train Your Dragon The Gruffalo
The Illusionist The Lost Thing
  Let’s Pollute

  • Michael

    Toy Story 3 and Day and Night… Day and Night being the better of the two.

    I liked Tangled the most out of full features…. It was nice to FINALLY see such advanced character design finally translated to 3d well.

    is it not up for the 2010 is it a 2011?

    • louise

      I agree with Michael. Toy Story hits the I love my toys nerve in every American.
      Night and Day is in our blood. These films are so well done visual/verbal and finally given credit.

  • lisa

    toy story 3 …. no question about it.

  • redhead

    TS3-best by far.