Question for the Week of January 13 2011


We are compiling nominees for the Annual Anicomm Awards, Animation Magazine’s annual look at the best animated commercials of the year! What is your favorite animated ad of 2010? Geico’s “Woodchucks” or “Piggy” commercials? Frito Lay’s “And Then There Was Salsa”? Harmonix’ “The Beatles: Rock Band”? Nike’s “Human Chain”? Nolan’s Cheddar “Mouse”? Coke’s “Finals”? Surfrider’s “Rise Above Plastics”? McDonald’s “Spaceman Stu”? Which one left the most lasting impression?

  • louise

    How can anyone not like piggy wee wee wee all the way home? Best fun of a lifetime and who are those brilliant artists?

  • lisa

    I loved all the commercials. But one that grabbed my attention and i dont know if it was made in the united states, was the lovely inspiring coca cola world cup 2010 commercial. Where this african boy fights his way to being a great champion. i liked it alot,sadly it was just for that moment.

  • lisa

    The commercial is called Coca-Cola – Coke Quest for World Cup 2010… great commercial..

  • mydollscrump

    The ads that I always stop to watch are for shredded wheat. The small animated shredded wheat squares are very charming and well done!

  • Mr. Sinclaire

    My favorite would have to be The Beatles Rock Band. Could just be because I am a huge Beatles fan, but the animation is really good as well.