Question for the Week of January 12 2015

Which of the following animated feature films are you most looking forward to seeing in 2015?
Inside Out
The Good Dinosaur

  • Gijs Grob

    Inside Out by all means!

  • Lina Mayuri Hoshi

    Inside out <3 !

  • ronin

    Peanuts / Inside Out

    • randomshoe


  • Chiz

    Peanuts and Inside Out =) I’m curious to see how they’ll render the signature dance moves of the Peanut characters in 3D.

  • Ron Schulz

    That’s a tough one…Peanuts…to finally see the characters I grew up with in 3D and Inside Out…because, from what I’ve seen, the storyline looks fun! It’s gonna be a GOOD year!

  • Dario Sanchez

    Inside Out, of course… what?????

  • Melissa Canchola

    I like think I look forward to “Minions” more. Some of these I don’t even know what they are even about. I want to see what they’re story is. I thought Gru had created them.

  • Alexa

    Pete Doctor is my favorite director because of “Monsters, Inc .” and also because of “Up”. Naturally I’m most excited for “Inside Out” if only because he’s driving that train.

  • Bernardo

    haha The Good Dinosaur!!! :)

  • Caleb Lee

    Minions and Peanuts! Although I’m nervous about both.

  • Mark Simon

    Peanuts and Minions

  • Barry

    Red and Ginger- a squirrel’s tale
    See more at
    Barry UK

  • Barry

    Red and Ginger-a squirrel’s tale.
    Not 2015 but coming’s inevitable.