Question for the Week of February 28 2011

Which classic animated character would you like to see back on the movie screen, 2D or CG?
• Popeye the Sailor
• Betty Boop
• Oswald the Rabbit
• Felix the Cat
• Bugs Bunny
• Donald Duck

  • ruth

    oswald the rabbit, is pretty popular now a days, so, i guess i,ll stick with 2d!!

  • Tonymaticus

    NONE! For once can we not invest in ‘today’ and not yesterday? Can’t we look forward and not back? Making sequels and remakes is the easy way out (with the one exception being Pixar!) and do nothing to further the cause and the new expression of animation in this potentially boundless digital day and age. As a 2D person I want to see new and original ideas and concepts explored by Hollywood – any will do! Speaking for a 3D person, I would want to say the same. But then Hollywood never does take that kind of chance with animation does it? Masterworks like “Spirited Away”, “Secret of Kells” and “The Illusionist” do sneak in somehow – but it is always by the back door, more as a gesture to independent thought and production, rather than actually encouraging it!

    • Bill Collins

      Today is a relative term. These characters are timeless. Personally I’m a big Felix fan and would love to see some new adventures with the professor, Poindexter, the Master Cylinder and Felix’s bag of tricks!

  • Jpox

    Oswald! In traditional 2D. Would like to see a new short at least.

  • louise

    Why Betty of course. America needs a Boop in the head.

  • Shaggy

    I totally agree with Louise!