Question for the Week of February 14 2011

In your opinion, which TV station/cabler has been most successful in delivering new animated shows that continue to raise the creative, visual and innovation standards this past season?
• Cartoon Network
• Disney Channel
• The Hub
• Fox TV
• Nickelodeon
• Qubo
• Teletoon

  • Catula

    Cartoon Network, no question. The entire Monday lineup (Adventure Time, Regular Show, MAD, and the now-defunct Robotomy) plus the new action lineup (Sym-Bionic Titan and Young Justice) are just absolutely astounding. From the look of things, CN is definitely at the top of their game now.

    • Joe

      I agree that Cartoon Network’s shows look good, but in my opinion Cartoon Network was at the top of their game when Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and the original Clone Wars were on. Basically before it became CN, home to live-action shows.

  • wadoo3a

    Definitely cartoon network, and i don’t even watch it as much as Nickelodeon and Disney