Jelly Jamm Rocks on for Vodka Capital & Secuoyas


It’s full speed ahead as ‘talent distillery’ Vodka Capital and partner Secuoyas lead up to MIPCOM after a summer of much progress and major excitement around their
Jelly Jamm new Image.jpg project. Only introduced during April’s MIPTV, the vibrant animated 52 x 11′ 3D kid’s musical series has already gone in to pre-production.

The Jelly Jamm team has now expanded with fantastic new talent, including multi-emmy nominated head writer, Kevin Strader (Playhouse Disney, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, PBS, Sesame Street, HBO Family, Jim Henson), joining Vodka Capital executive producers, Victor M. Lopez (CEO Vodka Capital, former CEO and partner at Zinkia Entertainment) and David Cantolla (Zinkia founder and Pocoyo co-creator and co-director). A crew of seasoned illustrators, animators and programmers from leading Spanish animation productions have also jumped on board.

The expert team is now in pre-production at brand new Spanish animation studio ’737 Shaker’. Formed by Madrid-based ‘ Secuoyas’, the leading interactive agency will be using the studio for a range of animation projects alongside Jelly Jamm.

Since MIP TV Jelly Jamm has already signed co-production deals with TVE, Bandai and Big Picture. Leading independent record label, Elefant Records, has signed as musical partner, with Guille Milkyway (Yo Gabba Gabba) as head musical writer. With music being a core component of the project, advanced conversations with various major international record labels are also currently taking place.

Vodka Capital’s Victor M. Lopez says: “Given current overall market conditions, we feel incredibly fortunate that, in less than 9 months since we introduced Jelly Jamm to the market, we have been able to advance the project into pre-production.

“It’s a testament to potential of the Jelly Jamm brand, and the commitment from our partners that we have so swiftly reached this stage. I have no doubt that MIPCOM will once again prove invaluable towards furthering our progress, and creating even more excitement as we run up to the start of full production in January 2010″.

Editors Notes & Synopsis:

Secuoyas and 737Shaker

Secuoyas is an award-winning (BAFTA, PROMAX, BIMA – nominee) Spanish interactive entertainment company that jointly developed Jelly Jamm alongside Vodka Capital. Secuoyas has now created 737Shaker as a spin-off to produce Jelly Jamm and other 2D/3D animations projects. 737Shaker currently has some of the top creative and technology animation talent in Spain and is getting ready to employ 60+ as Jelly Jamm moves into full production in 2010.

Vodka Capital

Vodka Capital’s core mission is to identify, structure financing and provide strategic management for developing audiovisual entertainment brands with clear international and cross-platform potential. Acting as co-producer/partner, Vodka Capital plays an active role on both the creative and business elements of a project during all phases of development, production and exploitation.

Vodka Capital projects will include Animation and Live Action TV series, Children’s’ TV series, Animation projects, Videogames, Online games and Web content.

Currently, apart from Jelly Jamm, Vodka has launched a lifestyle entertainment brand with Fernando Alonso (, a new Spanish videogame company and serves as strategic partner for RTVE’s kids internet portal (

Jelly Jamm

Aimed at a 4-6 year age group, Jelly Jamm is a lively ‘musical comedy’ about discovery, friendship and adventure on the magical planet Jammbo; the origin of music in the universe.
During development the project will be rolled out across all platforms including TV, music, toys, DVDs, merchandising, videogames, books and a fantastic state-of-the-art online world.

Jelly Jamm Synopsis

Science is almost always right. The force of gravity, the speed of light, ice-creams that melt in the summer. But, what is all that about there being no sound in Space? How can that be when there is a jamming groove flowing around every corner of the Universe?

We know the answer: There’s a party on Jammbo.

Jammbo is a remote planet covered with craters, with holes like Swiss cheese, where there is no place for noise or silence. Jammbo is the origin of music in the Universe; a place with a constant groove where animals, plants and even the wind express themselves through music. This is the magical setting where five friends (Bello, Ongo, Rita, Mina and Goomo), brought together by their passion for music, are constantly embarking on all sorts of fun adventures.

Technical Information:
- Format: 52×11´
- Genre: Musical Comedy
- Target: 4-6
- Technology: 3D CGI

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