WB President Petrick Resigns

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jed Petrick is stepping down from the post of president and chief operating officer of the WB network. While he had two years left on his contract, he will leave the company at the end of April to pursue startup business opportunities.

Having worked with WB founder Jamie Kellner and now CEO Jordan Levin at Fox Broadcasting Co., Petrick joined the WB as head of advertising sales in 1994, rising to the position of president and chief operating officer in 2001. Among his accomplishments was the introduction of the animated Pokemon series to Kids’ WB! in 1999.

Petrick’s resignation continues the WB shake-up that began late last year with Kellner’s decision to step down from the CEO spot in May and name Levin his successor. Duties held by Petrick will be divided among Levin and newly named chairman Garth Ancier, the WB’s founding entertainment president.