TV-Loonland CEO Steps Down

Simon Flamank will be leaving his post as CEO of TV-Loonland for the job of COO/CFO of Handmade PLC.

‘The last three and a half years have been both the most rewarding and also the most difficult for TV-Loonland,’ said Flamank in a press statement. ‘Despite many obstacles we have been able to bring to the market quality new productions such as The Owl, Pat & Stan and, of course, our internationally recognized brand Little Princess. At the same time we have had to restructure the business and were able to achieve that through a cancellation of ‘ 14m of debt in a debt for equity swap alongside the repayment of the remaining ‘ 6m of debt through a library and asset sale.’

TV-Loonland will shortly announce a replacement for Flamank, who will step down from the post in November.