Triplets Director’s Letter to Lasseter

With the Oscar race heating up and media outlets making much ado of the showdown between traditional animation and computer wizardry, The Triplets of Belleville director Sylvain Chomet asked Animation Magazine Online to post this very special Dear John letter to Pixar creative force John Lasseter.

Dear John,

Congratulations to you and the Nemo team for your recent nominations and accolades. As you know I am a great fan of your work. From Luxo Junior to your most recent achievements, I have followed the evolution of your films with fascination–to the point where I even toyed with the idea of switching to 3D myself! Walking home after seeing knick-knack for the first time I floated 10 centimeters above the ground–humming the Bobby McFerrin tune –convinced at last I was in the right profession. I understood at that point in time there could be a revolution in 2D which could run parallel to the innovative films you were making in the 3D field.

I believe we now find ourselves in a strange situation. There are those pitching Nemo against the Triplets in an attempt to propagate the idea of a "war" between the two techniques used to make these films. I’d like to take this opportunity to express my sincere admiration and respect for you and your team and for the films you are making. We both know it’s not the tool that lends talent to the craftsman–but it’s the craftsman himself who breathes magic into his work.

2D animation is not dead! Long live 3D!

All the best for the coming weeks and hope to see you soon,

Yours sincerely,

Sylvain Chomet