Simmons Upped to GM at Studio B

Rob Simmons, CFO of animation house Studio B, will take on new responsibilities in the company’s newly created general manager position. In addition to his CFO duties, he will manage the financial and day-to-day components of the business, allowing Studio B partners Blair Peters and Chris Bartle to focus on the creative and strategic aspects of the company’s production slate.

Simmons joined Studio B five years ago and has helped the busy animation service provider expand into original content creation.

Studio B produces original series such as Yvon of the Yukon, What About Mimi? and D’Myna Leagues, which air in more than 22 countries around the world. The company’s international co-productions include Something Else and Yakkity Yak, which airs on Nicktoons in the U.S. and TELETOON in Canada. In addition to a full slate of service work, the studio is currently in production on the series Being Ian for YTV and Class of the Titans for TELETOON. For more information on the company, go to