Sherman Gives Voice to Alzheimer’s Fight

Dina Sherman’s voice has earned her a career on such animated fare as Naruto and Digimon‘but its real power is just now being felt in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

The voice actress is donating 50 percent of her net earnings this year to the Alzheimer’s Association. Sherman’s battle is personal’both her grandmothers died from the disease and her mother works with placing seniors in care facilities in Orange County.

The idea of contributing half her earnings came about as she struggled to find time to volunteer. ‘My husband came up with the idea of combining work with supporting a worthy cause. I loved the idea. I am passionate about my work and I am determined to make a difference, so we decided to ‘put my money where my mouth is,’ so to speak,’ she says.

Sherman says the effort has rubbed off on others in all the right ways. ‘My agent Wes Stevens at Vox, Inc. is so supportive that he is even donating 50% of his commissions from my work,’ she says. ‘It’s amazing to do something that feels right and is bigger than me. There are quite a few people with projects in the works who want to find a way to book me and support this cause.’

So far, Sherman says she’s booked three jobs since starting the campaign, which is still in its earliest stages. ‘I haven’t had an increase in pay or matched funds yet, but there is still time,’ she says. ‘I have many more plans and ideas to continue to raise funds and awareness.’

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