Pokemon Writer Takeshi Shudo Dies


Takeshi Shudo, a writer who worked extensively on the Pokemon animated series and feature films, died Friday in Japan of a brain hemorrhage. He was 61.

According to reports, Shudo collapsed while at a train station in Nara-City. He was rushed to a hospital but doctors were unable to save his life.

Shudo, a graduate of the University of Tokyo, has numerous anime writing credits, including GoShogun and Magical Princess Minky Momo.

He worked extensively on the Pokemon property starting around 1997. He was the chief writer on the Kanto, Orange Islands and Johto story arcs, as well as the first three Pokemon feature films.

He continued to work on the property in various capacities until his death.

  • unknown

    i know this late but,god bless you may you rest in peace sir.
    you played a big part in my childhood when pokemon took
    shape in a indirect way so, i have you to thank for a long
    16 years of pokemon.