Paramount Plucks King of the Hill Penners

In a bid to beef up its series development efforts, Viacom’s Paramount is reportedly turning to the world of animation. Daily Variety reports that the studio has signed King of the Hill writers Aron Abrams and Greg Thompson to a two-year, seven-figure deal to write and produce new shows.

Paramount isn’t necessarily looking to Abrams and Thompson to develop animated series, since the duo has a history with live-action shows such as the Carsey-Werner-produced series Grounded for Life and 3rd Rock From the Sun.

In addition to exec producing the current season of Fox’s animated primetime hit, King of the Hill, the scribes are reportedly working with CBS to develop a comedy vehicle for former Talk Soup host Aisha Tyler.

New Paramount TV president David Stapf told the trade that Abrams and Thompson have long been on the list of talent wanted for the studio’s stable.