Noodlesoup Prods. Founder Splits

Jeff Nodelman, founder of animation studio Noodlesoup Prods., has left the company to pursue his own creative endeavors. According to Noodlesoup CEO Nathan Graf, Nodelman will continue to collaborate with the studio on various projects while he works to build his own portfolio. The announcement comes as the busy toon house makes plans to ramp up its original project development slate.

One new project has Noodlesoup collaborating with MSN on "Music Man," a new application that translates chat text into original live music played by an animated band in the activities window during a chat session. Noodlesoup pitched the concept to MSN, built the software application, recorded the original music and produced the animation for Music Man, which is now live on MSN Messenger.

Also in the works at the studio are 13 half-hours comprising the second season of The Venture Bros. for The Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block. Noodlesoup, which produced the series’ initial 2003-04 season, also produced a live-action Venture Bros. spoof special for the show’s recent DVD release. The network has also commissioned the company to produce four shorts for its new shorts program, Sunday Pants. Other jobs include and an opening sequence for MTV’s Chico & Guapo and an animated version of the Sesame Street book Too Big for Diapers, which will be featured as a DVD extra on Elmo’s Potty Time.

Noodlesoup recently completed production on a spot for Earthlink and is currently working on a CG-animated commercial for Chloraseptic. For more information on the studio, go to