Lucas Digital’s Morris Moves to Pixar

In November, we reported that Lucas Digital president Jim Morris stepped down to pursue a career as a creative producer for computer-animated movies. Now Daily Variety reports that he has set up shop at Pixar. He will reportedly punch in on Feb. 14 and begin producing an animated feature for the toon house.

Morris served as general manager of ILM for 13 years and president of Lucas Digital for 11 years. Though George Lucas and his newly minted Lucas Animation are entering the CG feature market, Morris expressed a desire to branch out from Lucas’ Marin County, Calif.-based empire and pursue other opportunities.

At Pixar, Morris joins the ranks of such celebrated producers as John Lasseter (Finding Nemo) Andrew Stanton (Monsters, Inc) and John Walker (The Incredibles). He will produce one of Pixar’s first post-Disney films. No details are available at this time.

Morris’ jump to Pixar isn’t such a big leap, considering Pixar had its genesis as a Lucasfilm company before Apple co-founder Steve Jobs snatched it up in 1986 and turned it into animation powerhouse it is today.