Jane Jetson Voice Singleton Dies

Penny Singleton, the voice talent behind Jane Jetson in Hanna-Barbera\’s popular animated series The Jetsons, passed away Wednesday at the age of 95, according to the Associated Press. The actress also portrayed creator Chic Young’s comic strip character Blondie in a series of live-action films in the late ’30s to early ’50s.

Singleton reportedly suffered a stroke two weeks before she passed away at Sherman Oaks Hospital. She is survived by two daughters, two grandchildren and a great-grandson.

Born in Philadelphia in 1908, Singleton got her start in show business by winning an amateur contest. Following her Broadway debut in the late \’20s, she began appearing in films under her real name, Dorothy McNulty. She married dentist Lawrence Singleton in 1937 and took his name.

Though it only lasted one season in primetime (1962-63), The Jetsons has endured in reruns and remains a pop culture icon 40 years later. The futuristic comedy follows the misadventures of Spacely Sprocket employee George Jetson and family as they try to get by in the ultra-modern world.