Hryniewicz to Oversee U.K. Sales for Rainbow

Italian animation house Rainbow SpA has put industry veteran Lisa Hryniewicz in charge of business development in the U.K. The new focus on the U.K. market will maximize the potential of globally established brands such as Winx Club, Huntik, Monster Allergy and Tommy and Oscar, as well as new properties such as Poppixie, which will premiere in the spring of 2010.

Hryniewicz started Salsa Distribution in Paris in 1997 and sold the company to TV-Loonland in 2000. She also led sales, acquisition and distribution at TV-Loonland UK.

‘I feel delighted and privileged to work with a company that not only is uniquely creative but is also so successful as a result of this creativity, mixed with a huge amount of business savvy,’ notes Hryniewicz. ‘It has been a real treat to see the changes in Rainbow over the last ten years’and to see that the changes have not affected the core values of the company and its lovely, talented team.’

Rainbow’s most successful property to date, Winx Club (104 half-hours) is one of the most successful 4-12 year old girl properties of all time, broadcast in over 150 countries with 600 active licensees worldwide.