Henry Selick on This Morning’s Golden Globe Nomination for Coraline:

On Being Nominated: This is such a nice validation. This award season experience has been nothing like I’ve experienced before. I am thrilled that our movie wasn’t forgotten. We worked on the film for three and half years once it was greenlit, which was the exactly the same amount of time I spent on The Nightmare Before Christmas. We had 18 months of shooting’on top of production and storyboarding. Man, I asked so much of the crew and we really pushed on this one. So I’m really happy about this acknowledgement, especially for their sake.

Life After Coraline: My home base is in the Bay area, and I’ll be announcing my next project in January, which I’ll be making with the same core group I’ve worked with in the past, although I’m not at Laika anymore. I’m grateful to Laika and Focus Features for making this movie possible.

On animation is finally going head to head with live action in year-end awards and critical reception: It’s about time that animation got this kind of acknowledgment: It’s gone beyond being an art form. The best of all is that all three major typies of technique are being recognized’there’s appreciation for stop-motion, 3D and hand-drawn 2D. This for me is the true Golden Age of Animation. I think people aren’t drawing lines and appreciating a movie’s merits regardless of techniques. It’s about whether you like the characters, do you care about the story. That’s the bottom line.