DreamWorks Layoffs Hit Glendale with 170 to Go


Post-acquisition DreamWorks Animation has announced another round of layoffs, with 170 employees at its Glendale campus to be let go in January, San Fernando Valley Business Journal reports. The studio already eliminated 200 positions at its corporate office and distribution and consumer products divisions as part of its integration with new owner NBCUniversal.

The latest round of job cuts will hit the feature animation group, a source familiar with the situation told the Journal, adding that this is separate from the positions eliminated in corporate in September. The layoffs are partially tied to the decision to cancel The Croods 2 as Universal Filmed Entertainment continues to plan out its upcoming film slate.

DreamWorks Animation was acquired by the Comcast-owned NBCU in August in a $3.8 billion deal.

DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation

  • gerald mcboingboing

    A nice reward for Trolls. How many times have we seen this happen in the industry? No company is your “family.” Always have a plan B.

    • Foghorn Leghorn

      I’d say, I’d say, I was half expecting just to read “Boing boing Boing!” instead.
      You learn this nice and quick these days.

  • grailpuffin

    I hope DWA gets their mojo back. They have amazing people and resources that have been working in the service of mediocre stories. Best of luck to everyone this layoff touches.

    • Watchtoonz Rex

      meanwhile their new sister company Illumination Entertainment are making a lot of money thanks to despicable me franchise and that new film secret life of pets..

  • Christian Valenzuela

    What they cancelled The Croods 2? :( but why

    • Watchtoonz Rex

      because Illumination and dreamworks are now sister company..same as disney animation and pixar..they will divide the film slate release every year..

  • CrystalClearTruth

    it’s beautiful karma for supporting that pretender-in-chief Obama. Sad for the workers caught in the fray.

  • Tito Potato

    Well, actually they are not sister companies. DWA spends WAY more on their movies than Illumination does. That is going to be changing!

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