Disney Vet Troy Skabelund Joins Starburns Industries

Troy Skabelund
Troy Skabelund

Former Disney Interactive finance leader Troy Skabelund will join the ranks of toon house Starburns Industries (Rick and Morty, Anomalisa) as Chief Financial Officer. Skabelund brings leadership qualities and financial expertise honed over 12 years at Disney’s multimedia branch, and working with Disney Channel, Walt Disney Studios, ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Henson Studios.

“We’re very excited to have Troy join the executive team at Starburns,” says studio CEO Joe Russo. “Our rapid expansion and his expertise will combine to ensure the longevity of the creative environment we’ve worked so hard to build.”

As CFO of Starburns, Skabelund will be tasked with using his experience in managing an extensive network of industry relationships, strategic planning and business development to help the company expand internally and maintain a viable financial profile as it takes on new business and begins production on priority in-house development.

Starburns Industries

Starburns Industries

  • Stephanie Salus

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    Stephanie Salus

    Rick and Morty Episode Season 2? Stephanie Salus to Justin Roiland Rick and Morty Risky Lover to Justin Roiland to Dan Harman. My character I would like voice as played Kristen Schaal.



    Theme Fade In

    When Rick and Morty Meets Bunnysteele Salus

    On a Demention 3C Aliens Up-ducting

    Rick Sanchez and Bunnysteele Salus What Will Morty Do When He’s Left Behind This Adventure.

    [Jerry About to Leave For Two Days For Work Advertising ]


    Okay. Last Chance to Talk to Me I’m Ready to Go to Work! I’M READY TO WALK OUT NOW


    Sigh* Jerry Just Go Well Be Fine.


    Are You Sure You’re Going to Be Fine With Him?


    Don’t Flatter Yourself Jealousy. I Think I’m Very W

    Rick: (Belch) W-Well Trained to Take Care Of My Own Daughter. Not Like I’m

    Going to Steele Her Away From You.


    Eww Gross.

    Rick: Don’t Be Rickdiculous. Don’t Worry B-Bout Me I’m Going to the Garage.

    Beth: Don’t You Mean Why Don’t You Clean the Garage.

    Rick: Ah! Give Me a Brea… (Burp)

    [ At Harry Herpson High School]

    Principle Gene Vagina:

    Seems Like Everybody Fine. Holding On Their Well Beings Over That Morty Gran Dad Of His.

    Principle Gene Vagina:

    That Crazy Sociopath Ruins The Fund Of This High School He Damaged We Have to Cut to Teachers Raises.

    Summer: So Boring. I Feel Like This Is the Longest Day Of My Life.


    No Kidding Summer. Ya-You Don’t Know How Simply We Have It Right Now

    We We We Are Just

    Morty: Teens Going Having a Social Life With Stress When We Would

    Be Thinking It All to Waite OF What We Don’t Have.

    Jessica: Way to Go With Your Words

    [Morty and Sumer Came Home From School Morty Open the Garage Door]

    Morty: Hey Rick.

    Rick: Don’t Bother Me Right Now


    What’s Your Problem? Everybody Staking Up On Me Today With Their Pathetic Issues and What Not I’m Sick Of It. I.. I.. I’m Going to My Room.


    Hold On Scamp. Just Need to Put These Bottles Away First. Then Clean the UFO Vehicle. Just Thought… You Can Help Me Get It Don Faster For an Hour.


    You Know Rick You… Out Of Everybody I Wouldn’t Thought You Would Be

    The Last One to Give Me An Attitude. Help Yourself.

    Rick:We’ll You TH-AUGHT WRONG DAWG!

    Now, Help Clean Out Your Mother Won’t Bitch at Me.

    Morty: No.

    Rick: What’s Going On With You. Ya Ya You You’re Acting Like…Like

    Morty: Give Me That!

    [Morty Grabs Rick's Teleport Gun]

    Rick: Hey Watch It

    Morty :


    [Teleport From Dimension 35-C ]

    Rick: Come Here You Piece Of Shit! You Think Your a Big Man Hu?

    Morty:No. Rick! Knock It OFF!

    [Morty Rolls On the Ground]

    Morty:Hey, Grandpa Rick?

    Rick: I’m Not Talking To You (Burp) For Now On Till You Act Like a Normal Teen.


    Like You Know What’s Normal.

    Oh, Rick Something Moving You Know In the Bushes Over There.


    Yeah It’s Called the Wind.

    Morty: RICK!

    Rick: WHAT! WHOA! WHAT the F**k!

    [Rick Walks Towards the Creature]

    Morty: Come Here. I’m Not Going to Hurt You.

    Rick: Morty! Get Away From There!

    Morty :I Thought You Weren’t Talking to Me Hu? Acting Like a Smart Ass.Acting like You Were a Big Tough Guy All Of a Sudden.

    [Rick Paused Looks Straight to the Bushes]

    Morty:Rick, What’s Wrong Rick?

    [Morty Wave His Hand Over Rick's Eyes Back and Forth]

    [Rick Gets Agitated Grabs Morty Arm]

    Morty OW! Let Go Of Me Rick. Okay I’m Sorry!

    Rick: LOOK E-i-n-s-t-e-i-n! [Morty Turns Around]

    Morty HOLY CRAP! She’s Naked.

    [Rick Smiles Blushes Grabs a Carrot From the Dirt]

    Rick:Come Here. I Ain’t Gonna Hurt Ya.

    [ Bunnysteele Salus Sniffs the Carrot] [UFO Approaches

    Morty: Grandpa Rick!


    [Rick Pushes Morty to the Left Side Of Him. Takes Rick Sanchez and Bunnysteele]

    [Rick Wakes Up Naked In a Strange Lab Room. Eyes Wide Open Grabs the First Tool That's Near Him Is a Knife .

    Escapes the Lab Room. Then He Sees Guns On the Wall. Slowly Grabs It. Alien Green Light Show Up. Rick Shoots Them. ]

    Alien Guard #1: What Was That?

    Alien Guard #2: I Hear Something. Didn’t You?

    Alien Guard #1: Nope.

    Alien Guard #2: Must Be the Generator.

    I’ll Go Check.

    [Rick Sneaks Up to the Next Door Level ]

    Rick: Shit. [Puts His Hand Over His Mouth. Drops the Knife]

    Alien #1:Freeze! Where’d It Go?

    [Ricks Hang On the Dropped ceiling. Watches the Two Alien Guards Go to the Next Room Level 4.

    He Drops Himself Onto the Floor. Runs Into the Next Room. He Sees a Blue Light Tank Of

    Bunnysteele Salus Next to Her Tank Of Evil Rick]

    Alien #3 : We’ll I’m Guessing You Found Her.

    Rick: What the F**k Is This! What Are You Guys Doing to US?

    Alien #3 : We’ve Been Programming Evil Rick’s Thoughts Of Yours. We Kept This Significant Creature.

    Next to Him Is Yours as Well.

    Alien #3 We Want to Make More Of Her Species By Using His S…


    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Hold ON There! SERIOUSLY! Then Why, You Up-duct Me As Well?

    Alien #3: Since We Found Out Evil Rick Was Just a Copy Of You He Has.

    Rick: Watch IT!

    Alien #3: I Was Gonna Say Sperm.


    Oh. Ha Ha Ha I Thought You YOU Where Gonna.

    Alien #3:Penis.

    Rick: Eh. [Shrugs His Shoulders.]

    [Rick Watches the Tanks While Alien #3 Talking to Him He Stairs at Bunnysteele Salus ]

    Alien #3: We Need TO Have More Of Her Kind. She Is the Last One.

    Rick: Damn, SON!

    Alien #3: So Are You Willing to Help Us?

    Rick: You Know You Would’ve Just Asked ME! Then Stripped ME!

    Alien #3 : By the Way If You Need Anything Ask Me. I’m In Charge Of This Level Of the Ship

    My Name Is Zeek.

    Rick: Okay Whatever.

    [Rick Takes a Look Around. Hey Where's My Flask? Zeek Tosses It To Him. Rick Catches It Takes a Drink.]

    Rick: T-h-a- n k (*Burp) You.

    [ Zeek Leaves the Room. Rick Shuts the Slider Door Holds It For a Second

    With His Both Hand Puts His Head On the Door. Looks Down. The.

    Rick Grabs Bunnysteele Salus To the Escape Pod.]

    Zeek: HEY!

    [Rick Shuts the Pod. The Pod Returns to Earth Lands On

    At Harry Herpson High School Flag ]

    Morty: Rick What the Hell!

    Rick: Hey Morty CHECK THIS OUT!

    Bunnysteele: What’s Going On?

    Rick:Hey Morty Come Check Out My Girlfriend!

    Brad: Is Your Grand Dad Naked Morty: (*Sigh) Yeah.

    Brad: EHH!

    Morty: What! Where Have Been Gone For Three Days!

    Principle Gene Vagina:MY YARD!

    Rick: Don’t Worry I’ll Pay You Back.

    Principle Gene Vagina: Oh You Will? Oh Thank You.

    Rick: Psych!

    Principle Gene Vagina: Oh There Goes a Budget Cut.

    Morty: Rick Tell Me Where Have You Been? I Had To Get Back On My Own With Your Portal Gun.

    Bunnysteele: Where Am I?


    [Rick Grabs Bunnysteele Kisses Her]

    Bunnysteele: Oh [Blushes]

    Morty :Sigh Geez Rick I’m Happy For You an All. But Can You Please Put Close On?

    End Credits

    Beth :You’ve Been Gone More Then Jerry Has.

    Summer: So She’s Going to Stay With Us For Awhile?

    Rick: Like You Can Take Care Of Yourself Next Time I’m a

    Grown Ass Man I’ll Clean When I’m Ready!


    So Nobody Going to Tell Me Anything Exciting When I Was Gone

    [Rick Summer Beth Leave the Leaving Room Rick Walk to His Bedroom

    With Bunnysteele Beth Goes to the Kitchen and Summer Walks Outside with Her Phone]


    I Hate This Family.

    [Morty Walks In the Living Room Turns Out the Lights While Jerry Pouts On the Couch In the Dark]

    End Fade Out

    Just an Hard Core Rick and Morty Fan Can You Please Put This Episode On the Air? Don’t Judge Me xD

    Please Make This One Episode For Me Of Rick and Morty Like I Would Like My Name In the End of the Credits.