DeMarco Promoted to Marketing VP at Cartoon Network


Jason DeMarco has been promoted to VP of strategic marketing and promotions at Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. He will be responsible for developing promotional marketing programs, as well as overseeing the development and execution of customized integrated promotions and sponsorships that drive revenues for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. He now supervises all aspects of the Animation, Young Adults and Kids Media (AYAKM) group’s special events and trade marketing activity, including the Cartoon Network and Adult Swim Advertising Upfront programs.

Based in Atlanta, DeMarco reports directly to Brenda Piper, CMO for Turner Broadcasting System’s AYAKM group. Previously, DeMarco served as creative director, sales promotions for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. In addition to running hundreds of ad promotional programs and sponsorships, DeMarco is credited with founding Adult Swim’s Williams Street Records. Earlier in his career, DeMarco was an associate creative director for Cartoon Network’s Toonami/Miguzi action-adventure franchises and helped establish the on-air look and feel of Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

  • John Smith

    More changes to come at Cartoon Network – Is Jason DeMarco the future replacement of Brenda Piper?  According to a source Brenda Piper seems to be getting evicted from her Atlanta home. Does that mean she is leaving or has already left?  What does that do to the marketing department at Cartoon Network? Fulton County Magistrate Case Number:  12ED586597  It was easy to find online after I was told about it.