Cloudy Directors Chat About Golden Globe Nomination:

Chris Miller and Phil Lord had just finished breakfast at the S&W diner in Culver City when we reached them to get their reactions to their Golden Globe nomination for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs:

On receiving the nomination:

Chris Miller: We are very excited to get the nomination. It was such a crowded field this year, and there were many more deserving films in the race. So we are very thrilled. We had an amazing crew of 500 people who put a lot of thought, artistry and talent into this movie. So we’re very proud of this acknowledgment. It’s quite gratifying to see audiences respond so well to the characters and the story.

Phil Lord: I don’t want to bore you with a sports metaphor but I will anyway. It feels like when the officials make a mistake on the field and the offense rushes in to get a play in before someone can throw a challenge before anyone realizes that someone had a mistake!

On why 2009 was such a great year for animation:

Phil Lord: This was a great year for movies in general and a really great year for animated features. When you make a list of favorite movies this year, four or five are animated. I think there are a lot of classic movies this year. They are getting a lot better.

Chris Miller: Animation takes so long and you have so much more control over every aspect of it’every inch of the frame. It was also great to see so many different types of animation being recognized, from CG to stop-motion to 2D.

On the reasons why Cloudy was so well received:

Phil Lord: You know it’s a weird movie, which we really did on purpose. People like things that have a unique feel to them. We worked hard to make it unique and to create something that people haven’t seen before. I think people responded to the concept, the look and the humor. We worked hard to make it a funny movie, but also wanted it to be heart-warming and meaningful. You can be very successful if you have an equal amount of dumb and smart material! We had our share of Mr. T butt jokes, but we also went for some intelligent moments and themes. I think it’s great to be silly and cartoony and manage to deliver the smart stuff all at the same time.