Creating Your Creative Career

Pursuing your creative career whether it be in animation, film, television, art & design, doesn’t mean you have to give up your creative-self when looking for a job. So much pressure is put on how you present your portfolio, your reel, your website that little emphasis is given to you, the artist and how you would best be served in a new job. It’s not enough to include a diverse portfolio when applying for any job in the business these days, that’s a given. But what we neglect to teach ourselves before we stray too far down the path of, “I’ll do anything to get that job!” is whether we are being true to ourselves. Next time you are confronted with the potential for a creative position ask yourself these five things to make sure the position fits with creating your creative career:

1 – Authenticity: Will this position help me live my authentic self? Will I be allowed to have a voice and create my vision or will I be guided by situations out of my control and will it ultimately stifle my creative flow.

2 – Flexibility: Will this position offer me the ability to flex my creative muscle effectively enough to keep me challenged, motivated, creative and producing quality work.

3 – Potential: Am I producing work to my highest potential? Does this position allow me to grow, learn new skills and explore various points of view which will keep me creating?

4 – Collaborative: How will I maintain my individual style, integrity and value and yet work collaboratively when in a team to produce the highest results?

5 – Imagination: Will this position allow me to envision things out of my comfort zone and stretch my thinking and perception to see the world differently using my intuition, inquisitiveness and observation to enhance my work?

If you can remember to keep this list in the back of your portfolio binder, then you will have a good reference point the next time someone asks only to see your portfolio and chooses not to dig deeper into the true artist that you are. Here’s to finding the artist in all of us!