The Powerpuff Girls Get Posh

Nothing stays really, really young forever! How else can we explain the new sophisticated, and, uh, mature line of Powerpuff Girls clothing, toys, home décor and accessories. Yes, it’s true: Craig McCracken’s kindergarten superheroines–Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup–have got a Holly Golightly-esque transformation for their new "Don’t Just Dream" campaign.

"We wanted to create a new line for our fans who are growing up with the Girls and for those who dream about becoming powerful young ladies," says John Friend, senior VP of Cartoon Network Enterprises. "’Don’t Just Dream’ is dynamic and stylish, just like our audience, and takes our merchandise to the next level."

Hmmm. And what can this next level be, you might ask! The collection tells the story of what the girls dream about when they are not fighting the bad guys. Cartoon Network has created a complete "Don’t Just Dream" art program that licensees are using to develop new products. The new line will hit major specialty and boutique retailers for back-to-school and holiday 2004 and into spring 2005. The cabler will also support the product line with a new on-air campaign and animated shorts which tell the story of what happens when Townsville’s villains get in the way of the threesome’s shopping spree.They seek revenge by launching a full-accessory assault! Ah, sweet, unapologetic consumerism, where would we all be without it?