The Incredibles Goes Mobile

As the highly anticipated Disney/Pixar animated feature, The Incredibles, nears its Nov. 5 release, the Walt Disney Co. is offering fans in the U.S. and abroad an array of wireless fare inspired by the film. The mobile content is now rolling out with major carriers worldwide.

Available content includes several Incredibles games, each designed to optimize game play for different handset capabilities. The Incredibles Adventure is an action game designed specially for more robust handsets. Players maneuver Bob and Helen Parr, otherwise known as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, to defeat the villain Syndrome. Players can seamlessly switch characters throughout the game, tapping each one’s unique powers to defeat enemies, solve puzzles and avoid traps.

The Incredibles arcade-style game follows Violet, Bob and Helen’s shy daughter, as she battles flying robots to score points and earn extra lives, and an Incredibles 3D game is in development for later release.

Other offerings include voice and polyphonic ringtones inspired by the film. Mr. Incredible’s tones, for instance, announce, "Phones Ringing. Yoohoo. Are you gonna answer it?" and "Hello? Yeah I’m Mr. Incredible."

U.S. customers can download The Incredibles Fan Magazine, which allows users to view film and character information as well as purchase wallpapers, screensavers, character voice-tones and more.

Other products available in international markets and planned for later release in the U.S. include 3D wallpapers, animated photo frames, calendar graphics, 40-voice polyphonic ringtones and promotional video trailers. More information on all products can be found at