The Batman Toys with Interactivity

Toys have long been tied to kids’ TV, but Warner Bros. Consumer Products, master toy licensee Mattel Inc. and VEIL Interactive Technologies are taking the relationship to a whole new level with some exclusive, high-tech gadgetry.

Each episode of Warner Bros. Animation’s upcoming animated series, The Batman, will be encoded using VEIL (Video Encoded Invisible Light) technology, an invisible data stream embedded in the video picture that is transmitted to and received by a removable module on Mattel’s new line of Batwave children’s toys. The encoded data unlocks new capabilities in the toys and provides more information about the show and its characters. Mattel’s VEIL-enabled toys will debut this fall when The Batman premieres on Kids’ WB! The show will later launch on Cartoon Network.

“More than any other superhero, Batman is known for the crime-fighting technology he utilizes in his mission to keep Gotham safe from all manner of evil-doers,” says Warner Bros. Animation president Sander Schwartz. “From the tech-filled Batcave to the Batmobile, from the Bat-Jet to the Baterang, Batman’s use of next-generation technology has always been front and center. It’s only fitting that his new show, The Batman, should be the first animated series to employ VEIL’s technology to create a one-of-a-kind experience for Batman’s vast audience.”

The interactive toys, including the Batwave Communicator handheld device, a Batwave Batman action figure and the Batwave Batmobile with handheld device will retail for between $32.99 to $51.99.