OddParents Materialize at Burger King

Burger King hopes to get some promotional magic out of Nickelodeon’s hit animated series, The Fairly OddParents. Today the royal fast food franchise rolls out a special promotion featuring ten toys based on the show’s conjuring characters.

The toys include Invisible Timmy, Spectacular Sparks Cosmo, Crash Nebula Magic Roll Away Bed, Cosmo & Wanda Aqua-Clip Fishbowl, Disappearing Vicky, Glo & Go Fairy-Go-Round, Chin-Powered Crimson Chin, Timmy-to-Cleft Wonder Changer, OddParents Stuffin’ Plush Fishbowl and Crash Landing Mark The Alien.

Each character toy comes with one of five online codes that unlock unique Fairly OddParents-themed digital prizes at www.burgerkingFOP.nick.com. Prizes include a mouse pointer, a printable locker poster, wallpaper, 500 Nick Points and e-cards. In addition, kids who collect all five codes can gain access to a limited edition screensaver.

The promotion is scheduled to run through March 14 or while supplies last. It will be supported by television advertising, in-restaurant merchandising and direct mail. There is also a special interactive promotion site at www.burgerking.com where kids can learn more about the ten Fairly OddParents toys.