Marvel Forms Global Branding Team

‘Advisors Assemble!’ may not have the same ring as the Avengers’ famous battle cry, but Marvel’s new special advisory board is nonetheless charged with a heroic mission: to promote the company’s iconic superheroes in every corner of the globe.

The comic-book publisher turned animation and movie studio has its eyes on China and India in particular, appointing to the board Bollywood film producer Manmohan Shetty and China-based digital entrepreneur Peter Yip, Variety reports.

Marvel is looking to fill two more slots on the board, and reportedly is keen to find people with expertise to represent Marvel in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Heading the board is James Halpin, a Marvel director for 14 years and former president of CompUSA.

Marvel’s president of worldwide consumer products, Simon Philips, is serving as liaison between the board and the company.