Mainframe Boots Up Zixx Licensing Program

With its new animated/live-action series, Zixx, set to debut on Cartoon Network this weekend, Canadian CG animation house Mainframe Ent. is launching a licensing campaign for the show. The futuristic action-adventure program comes to U.S. viewers after building a solid Canadian fanbase on YTV .

Zixx chronicles the adventures of an unlikely team of heroes led by the fearless alien operative named Zixx Phunkee Zee. Using their strategy game smarts, the crew battles to protect the world from evil in the Keep, a third-dimension labyrinth which operates like a video game.

Mainframe has appointed Al Ovadia of Al Ovadia and Associates the official worldwide licensing agent for Zixx. Ovadia, who plans to roll out the licensing and merchandising campaign in conjunction with Cartoon Network’s launch of the show, has managed the licensing campaigns of some of the most successful entertainment properties in history, including The Simpsons. Other credits include Columbia Pictures’ Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 feature films, and European phenom Crazy Frog.

Cartoon Network U.S. will air 26 episodes Zixx starting Saturday, Jan. 21, at 10:30 a.m. Developed by Savi Media/The Nightingale Co., the series is produced by Thunderbird Films in association with YTV Canada and Mainframe. IDT Ent. Sales, which distributes the series on behalf of Thunderbird and Mainframe, has begun rolling out the series worldwide.